• Progressive solution for scarce-area lands. An area of 7m.x7m. (7,6yd. x7,6yd.) can park up to 50 vehicles.
  • Designed to automatically move the vehicles on a pallet vertically on the elevator; it then transfers it horizontally left or right for storage.
  • Very fast retrieval time: Accomplished in less than two minutes.
  • No noise and vibration.
  • Completely equipped with multiple sensors and triple safety devices. A self malfunction diagnostic control provides you with an excellent level of safety.
  • Ability of multiple retrieval operations at the same time.
  • Eight times the space efficiency of a ramped garage.
  • Integrated computer system enables the overall operation to be viewed on one screen and its operation is very user friendly.
  • More than one system can be linked together.
  • Individual requests are available, please contact with us.


  • Touch screen PLC control system allows to call the required vehicle in one touch.


  • Special design for SUV vehicles
  • Easy entrance/exit and maneuvering at narrow places
  • Drainage system redirect any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.
  • Outside covering.