• Parking of 6 to 12 vehicles on the footprint of less than 2 cars
  • Vehicles park on slots which get moved by a circulating cage mechanism.
  • This system is designed to park vehicles by vertically circulating cage in left-right direction.
  • Selective rotation in closer direction to shorten entrance / exit time.
  • It is easy to install in left-over space or small area and is free from breakdowns because of the simple circular rotation type mechanism.
  • System can be covered with a protective material in order to preserve the vehicles from environmental elements.
  • System can be painted with epoxy polyester dye to achieve an attractive image
  • Simple one touch control to require no management staff / operator.
  • Minimum electricity consumption with the most rapid and smooth movement is enabled by the usage of both gear motor and inverter.
  • Individual requests are available, please contact with us.


  • Touch screen PLC control system allows to call the required vehicle in one touch.


  • Special design for SUV with the capacities 6-8-10 vehicles.
  • Easy entrance/exit and maneuvering at narrow places
  • Drainage system redirect any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.
  • Outside covering.