• Puzzle Parking in 2, 3, 4 or 5 storey versions. This system allows the users to park independently.
  • The upper storey pallets can move up and down lower layer pallets can move either left to right or up and down.
  • Provides a photoelectric checking system which controls vehicle size.
  • PLC control, easy operation, push button.
  • Individual requests are available, please contact with us.


  • Hot dip galvanizing for the platform sheets.
  • Syncronizing system.
  • Special payment systems
  • 2.000 Kgs lifting capacity per car fort he upper platforms, 3.000 kgs movement capacity fort he bottom platforms..
  • Locked key-switch with emergency stop in dead’s man’s control.


  • Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
  • Light and voice alert system
  • Bottom car detection sensor
  • Production facility for special requirements (more capacity, larger dimensions…)
  • Drainage system redirect any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.