• Independent, new generation, outdoors/indoors parking lift for both SUVs and SEDANs.
  • Upper platforms move in up-down direction while lower platforms smoothly slide to both left and right directions to clear upper platforms’ way down.
  • Most efficient and correct solution for the busy and high rating car parks.
  • Possibility to design the system in desired number of modules starting from two, thus achieving the most economical solution.
  • No pillar at entrance level, easy parking.
  • User friendly operation and car loading / retrieval operation.
  • No need to dig a pit.
  • Due to machine design the system provides option to use multi lines which minimize the manuevre area. Optianally you can use lines of Practica, Practica Trio and Slider together in one parking area and system.


  • Hot dip galvanizing for the platform sheets.
  • Syncronizing system.
  • Special payment systems
  • 2.000 Kgs lifting capacity per car fort he upper platforms, 3.000 kgs movement capacity fort he bottom platforms..
  • Touch screen PLC control system allows to call the required vehicle in one touch.


  • Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
  • Light and voice alert system
  • Bottom car detection sensor
  • Production facility for special requirements (more capacity, larger dimensions…)
  • Separate hydraulic power pack, electric and control system installation for each unit.
  • One key operation, automatic electro magnetic mechanic position locker.
  • Drainage system redirect any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.