• One sedan, one SUV parking ability in 3,5 meters ceiling height indoor parking
  • Most popular commercial type parking lift for both SUVs and sedans with more than 2 meters lifting height.
  • Industrial type prefabricated park-lifts can be used by Municipalities in high-traffic city centers to diminish traffic caused by parking-space searching cars and increase parking capacities.
  • No need site building for concrete and asphalt ground.
  • Upper platform has got horizontal movement. The parking level below has no platform cars are parked directly on the ground.


  • Hot dip galvanizing for the platform sheets.
  • Rechargeable mechanical lock when the platform reaches to the minimum level.
  • Hydraulic and mechanic synchronizing device.
  • Hydraulic power pack for minimum 3, maximum 6 units.
  • 3.000 Kgs lifting capacity per car.
  • Locked key-switch with emergency stop in dead’s man’s control.


  • Hot dip galvanizing for all the surfaces.
  • Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
  • Light and voice alert system
  • Bottom car detection sensor
  • Production facility for special requirements (more capacity, larger dimensions…)
  • Separate hydraulic power pack, electric and control system installation for each unit.
  • One key operation, automatic electro magnetic mechanic position locker.
  • Drainage system redirect any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.